Breaking the chain

I think the millions people are getting paid on wall street are going to trickle back into Silicon Valley. crypto is basically the last infinity stone to make Silicon Valley the center of the world.

defi, governance, the entire financial system, fintech as we know it will all trickle into crypto. we're already seeing our system breaking: so hard to pay for things on the internet, the internet is extremely unsafe if you take a harder look, its hard to exchange between currencies, and defi makes finance so much better.

that's just my guess, but I'm seeing a lot of parallels between the early days of the internet and crypto. and personally its the perfect mix of risk, testing the limits, yolo'ing, finance, and engineering for me.

that's why im going to take a harder look working in crypto for the next few decades. everything is online; why are we accepting pulling out credit cards and using fortran to manage trillions? i think crypto will also fulfill my need to be thesis driven; too many ad driven companies and not enough revolutionizing institutions.