Everything converges to ChatGPT

Its pretty clear by now that "OpenAI" has gone from a niche AGI team working on Gym/playing around with agents in their Mujoco simulation envs to scaling up LLMs not only to developers but to your average high school classmate thats now a PM at Lyft

OpenAI, ChatGPT, GPT, all pretty much synonymous with each other are paving a way for regular people to interact with LLMs.

Clearly ChatGPT has won the mindshare of most. Its reported they've had 100s of millions users and are not stopping. MidJourney has done the same for text-to-image, and something similar will come out soon for text-to-video.

And even with OpenAI being developer first, I think its unlikely we'll see a GPT wrapper thats more popular than ChatGPT. Why would I want to use a GPT wrapper site that intuitively parses a PDF or Excel Spreadsheet when I can go directly to ChatGPT and use one of the new plugins that fetches that info and does it all in the comfort of the ChatGPT UI?

Ultimately all GPT wrapper startups will converge to ChatGPT plugins.

It will be interesting to see how developers will monetize besides upselling tokens or selling subscriptions. If you are, reach out -- I am working on this.