Fortune cookie twitter

naval, sahil, visualize value, etc, are undeniably the best tweeters.

they optimized on the 280 character space with motivational quotes: they hacked the medium

fortune cookie motivation is literally the best sort of short form content you could generate on a platform restricted to a limited number of characters. and the people who are doing it aren't hiding it; its pretty clear what they're doing and what their motivations are. if you want a million followers, this is the best way to do it.

i think more people should be doing this; at least remove the facade that you're on twitter for another greater purpose or think you can grow your twitter "organically". no one cares about your takes; they care about what value you can provide them, and motivation is the lowest barrier to entry sort of content you can pump to provide that sort of value.

i'm trying to remove any sorts of stats i get from twitter recently (removing likes, analytics, etc.) and its been making me realize that im just using my twitter for just sharing what i up to and small thoughts i have. i really shouldn't be swaying any opinions or think anyone with 10 followers isn't better than me; most likely they are: im just 1k-good at twitter; not 10k good or 10 follower good. ive had my share of optimized tweets (i personally didn't like to flex so hard what ive been working on right at the end of july, but at the end of the day, its what landed me over 1k followers)

anyways: motivational and stories are what most people crave for inside. not your personality; imo you can't get big with that easily if that's your endgame (unless you have an external driving force: like you're actually building a successful thing or meeting tons of people at conferences); my endgame is just meeting interesting people, so optimizing my twitter to be fortune cookie advice isn't quite the best move (although arguably, many of my recent tweets are fortune cookie like)