Version 19.16.2 of is available at

After a long 2 years in use, is retiring.

Its styling was one I made from the ground up using bare Bootstrap 4 and custom fonts I had to manually
import. I spent months if not years perfecting the fonts, colors, and layout. I spent a lot
of time also optimizing how it was cached and how fast it could load.

At one point in late 2018, it got a load time of under a second, from servers internationally.

It was a hallmark of my development as a programmer and a high schooler. Without buying the domain
in November of 2017, I wouldn't of started developing NGINX servers, REST APIs, NodeJS backends, my blog, my database, or even my newly developed Kubernetes clusters.

Timeline was initially was hosted on Github pages as
Then it looked like this and was hosted on
Then eventually it was put back on Github pages.
A couple months later server was setup on DigitalOcean. Arguably, it's the best server ever made (I could be biased).
Another months go by and I start messing with NGINX server hosts and reverse proxy. To automate my workflow, I built Stacks for NGINX.
Then comes the flurry of subdomains.,,,,,,, and Most of these static websites have been depreciated so far.
Then towards the later part of 2018, was utilized more since Truck was more populizarized (made it to front page of Show HN)

Currently in 2019, is being developed on a new Kubernetes cluster.

I used, Google Analytics, and Cloudflare Analytics.
Although over the years I've lost visitor data, here are some cool graphs of Version 19.16.2

alt text 
alt text