Surya Dantuluri

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Surya Dantuluri
Perception and Prediction Intern at Renovo Auto
Research Assistant at Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Lab
Monta Vista High School

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Email: s [at] dantuluri [dot] cc

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About me

I'm a rising Senior currently at Monta Vista High School. I occasionally go to hackathons and build robots in my free time. I also love to solve challenging problems in the fields of mathematics and computer science when I'm not at school or doing homework. I also run the Zero Robotics club at my school, which is a lot of fun.


  • My research lies in reinforcement learning, with a focus on policy optimization and exploration.

  • Previously I've worked on vision systems based on spatial and temporal cues.

  • In the future I'm hoping to work with applying machine learning to container orchestration systems as well as robotics, alongside RL.