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in my last post almost exactly a year ago, i wrote a few paragraphs about why I think crypto will be big in the next decade. my intuition led me the right (inevitable) way. nothing comes close to the mix of risk, pvp game of capitalism, and engineering as crypto. unfortunately both my mental and physical insanity has spiraled out of control; i dropped out of college, spend my days seeking more of an edge in the niches of crypto i search through, and have a newfound coffee addiction. regardless, a solid chunk of crypto is still filled with grifters and marketers looking to scalp some profit; and as long as they are alive i still think there is much runway (in terms of innovation) left in many areas of crypto (defi/nfts/etc.)

after a year of spending every waking hour exploring different areas of crypto, i wake up everyday realizing i havent even explored a 1/10th of this pvp game world. theres so much to do and learn, i know a lot of ppl online and irl who spend their time aimlessly in the almost hourly trends of new themes emerging... which quickly turns into a full-time job. i am yet to find an area i have fully mastered to work in, until then it makes sense for me just to keep moving along on the forefront of new emerging themes until my edge expires.

i still find it hard to be employed in an environment that shifts almost hourly and feels rewarding as crypto sometimes does. hopefully someday it makes sense to work with others, until then ill see you all in the mempool

if you know anyone (or yourself) are working in defi/nfts/mev/etc. please reach out! id love to know what you're doing

i went to miami last week hoping it would have some semblance for sf. yet all i found(aside from some brilliant folks from SF) were grifters who had absolutely no fucking clue what they were spewing out of their vc backed mouths. but they went to harvard and mit so maybe i missed something.

theres not a solid "engineering culture" there but i will be back for parties

before I move to SF sometimes in february i heard NYC is the place to see before i move after i graduate (im planning on transferring to some college this fall)

if you're in SF this year, reach out!