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i've been a big javascript hater just because i don't like java and by association don't like the yellow bars on github

recently however, after getting introduced to typescript at my previous job, i've realized JS, TS, and most other languages are really just the same with some syntactical, structural differences, and difference in package managers; if you can get over that, you'll be mostly set with using sed language.

vercel magic

after using vercel for a bit and especially using it in conjunction with Next.js, ive realized how amazing they bootstrap you to go from 0 -> website even without knowing any languages; vercel solely gave me the ability to take the leap of faith and use it primarily for this dealflow engine project (otherwise would've just sticked with rails or plain react)

what happened is a project ive been helping sahil on for a few months (admittedly took a few weeks) and its pretty simple cold inbound software (i like calling it dealflow software, although its not quite there yet).


  1. application page
  2. application status page
  3. internal dashboard to review deals

what its made of

its written all in typescript, using next.js and next.js/vercel serverless api routes (baked into nextjs, so super simple to utilize). it uses heroku for a postgres db, prisma for the orm, and sendgrid for emails.

what pings what

client side pings the backend mainly to execute mutations (like applying or executing an acceptance/denial flow)

client side also directly uploads so no worry about weird dataloss issues (which even at this scale i had to worry about, after some rigorous testing)

to get data, i use getServerSideProps and getStaticProps to fetch data at either build or request time

general thoughts on working on this

i was pretty excited to work with sahil and at the end of the day, ive learned a lot doing this; especially around time management and communication, especially when everything is remote. i'll write more later on, but basically: always overcommunicate, always keep everyone in the loop what you're up to, and give generous estimates when things will be done.

sahil's also a great designer and programmer; it was fun to build this together.


this will be open sourced soon(if not already... which if it is, take a look at the PRs if you have time, i left some goodies), which is why i can say so much; im hoping to add in a bunch of other features either for or or fork it for genzmafia and add features like scouts, mailing lists, etc; nextjs+vercel have made me a far more productive frontend engineer and quite possibly a backend as well

im somewhat open for work, so lmk if you want to work on anything. im preoccupied with working with friends / on my own projects, but always down to work on stuff together