Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

I try to keep your data with you. Let's see how that happens.

As of March 25, 2018, this Privacy Policy and ToS has NOT been updated to include the new updates and upgrades this website has gotten over the past couple weeks. As of writing this, there is no user data collection, unless you have an official account with or its services

Data this website collect

I use website statistics services to collect anonymized user data. Specifically those services record the number of users that have clicked onto my website, their time on my website, what they're interested in, user's device and ip, as well as the number of times they have come back (bounce rate). I don't do anything with that data. I use these services to understand what I can do better to create better content for users like you.

Processing this website does

I use services to minimize HTML, CSS, and Javascript files. I use DDOS protection and other security firewalls and gateways to prevent from my website from being comprimised. I also use services to run XMR mining processes on my websites in order to support website costs. You can always turn these services off in the footer below