El Toro Grande

Pushing Boundaries in Robotics

Blog Post Paper Presentation Video

Robotics Operating System

ETG Can be Operated Using ROS

Machine Learning Platform

ETG Natively Runs on A Machine Learning Stack

Runs on a Raspberry Pi 3

Seriously. Just 1 RPI3 and a Camera.

Collects Data using an Arduino

ETG Localizes Itself Using the Arduino UNO

Trains on a Powerful NVIDIA GPU Cluster

The Cloud Server's Localhost is Exposed Using Ngrok

3D Printed Halfway Up

It's Upper-Body is 3D Printed

Fluid Throttle and Steering Control

It uses RNN/LSTM and DCNN Models to Drive Like Pro Racecar Drivers

Collision Avoidance

It has that too. It even drives out of the way for others to pass.