Surya Dantuluri

I'm working at an infra startup and an incoming college freshman. I build (quite a lot of) stuff that companies such as the Washington Post use and handle 50+ million requests from 130+ countries on a cluster of Raspberry Pis. I've worked on a myriad of projects such as A highly scalable AI API for article generation and summarization, AI generated 3D Photos, The fastest private website analytics service, A self-driving car that beat Georgia Tech, and a ton more.

I'm interested in software infrastructure and making AI accessible for all.

Might've fooled around for 6 months and deployed a fleet of websites generated with a GPT-2 model trained in-house, racking up millions of page views.

Hit 50,000,000 requests today :).

— Surya (@sdan_io) July 17, 2020

Map of 20k+ unique IPs' requests routed to my HA 8 servers around the world


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Where I've worked at

Founder/CEO at Wordflow (infrastructure + AI (GPT-2/transformer based LMs)

Intern at Renovo Auto (autonomous cars)

Intern at Berkeley AI Research Lab (reinforcement learning)

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[email protected] or reach me via Twitter. No unsolicited spam / recruiters / VCs. I'll try my best to get back.