Surya Dantuluri

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Ping me anytime: [email protected] or or +1 (650) 469 3211

Here's a more comprehensive/outdated version of my site: Old Website

Currently: Working at Stealth, Scaling AI for All Finishing 12th grade at CC

Previously: Intern at Renovo Auto Intern at BAIR


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Projects I've worked on:

Superscale: A Scalable, Highly Available, and Secure Architecture for Containerized Microservices (Paper and Blog post coming soon)

This site and services are currently running on Superscale! It was initially purposed for internal use for the current Stealth startup I'm working at. In short it utilizes WireGuard, Docker Swarm, Traefik Load Balancer, and additional scalability and reliabilty code to run containers everywhere safely!

Rapid Analytics: 1st fastest website analytics platform after Google Analytics

A 1/10 scale Self Driving Car that beat Georgia Tech

SCDN: Super fast CDN

SURL: URL Shortener

Blog: Built w/ Jekyll (previously on Ghost)


Keybase GPG Key SSH Key