Map of 20k+ unique IPs' requests routed to my HA 8 servers around the world

Surya Dantuluri

I'm a high school senior. I build (quite a lot of) stuff that companies such as the Washington Post use and 2.4+ million unique people from 130+ countries see. I've worked on a myriad of projects such as Superscale, Rapid Analytics, A self-driving car that beat Georgia Tech, and a ton more at the startup I'm working on.

Skills: Infrastructure, Reinforcement Learning, NLP (text generation/summarization), Computer Vision, Serverless, Robotics

Tools I use: Kubernetes/Swarmkit, WireGuard, Raspberry Pis(tons), Traefik, Docker, Postgres, Redis (RQ job queue), OpenAI Gym, Tensorflow(moving to PyTorch), Cloudflare Workers, Python, Sublime Text

Where I've worked at

Renovo Auto (autonomous cars)

Berkeley AI Research Lab (reinforcement learning)

Follow along

I'm on Twitter and blog about Infra and ML here. You can subscribe to my blog here.


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[email protected] or reach me via Twitter. No unsolicited spam / recruiters / VCs. I'll try my best to get back.