I'm a serial startup founder based in the SF Bay Area and currently a student at UC Berkeley. My current focus is on hacking on applied use of large language models. Previously, I founded a LLM-based media network that garnered 100M+ hits, and I also spent time doing NLP work at MIT's innovation initiative lab.

I've worked extensively in the crypto space, focusing on DeFi on L2 chains and MEV. In the past, I worked at Railway as a full stack engineer, built a few dealflow tools for SHL.vc, was a fellow at Soma Capital, and interened at Renovo Auto.

I'm a big fan of alpacas, fast cars, and skiing. Recently I've been learning how to make music.

Previously I lived in 🗽 Williamsburg, NYC in 2022, originally growing up in 🍎 Cupertino, CA.

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