I'm a serial startup founder based in San Francisco and a student at UC Berkeley.


Current Focus

My current focus is on integrating ads into LLMs, expanding monetizing avenues for AI startups. I also work on digital tools for humanitarian aid at Internet Activism.

Previous Work

I founded a LLM-based media network that garnered 100M+ hits, and I also spent time doing NLP work at MIT's innovation initiative lab.

I've worked extensively in the crypto space, focusing on DeFi on L2 chains and MEV.

I've also worked at Railway as a full stack engineer, built a few dealflow tools for SHL.vc, was a fellow at Soma Capital, and interened at Renovo Auto.


Occasionally I'm an angel investor writing checks into early stage startups.

I'm a big fan of 🦙 alpacas, 🏎️ fast cars, and ⛷️ mountain sports. Recently I've been learning how to make music.

Previously I lived in 🗽 Williamsburg, NYC for 2022, originally growing up in 🍎 Cupertino, CA.

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